Our design guide to proprierties in Apulia

The Apulia Design Guide is written by experts within the design and construction industry and provides facts on renovation projects in Apulia. It aims to help you understand the process, so you can do everything possible to ensure your house in Italy is a success. 

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valari is a network of architects and professionals

connecting clients and investors to their properties abroad

We are a boutique-sized practice that operates in Apulia for International Clients.


  • advise during the buying phase on design and extension potential
  • prevent cultural misunderstandings by knowing the process both sides
  • design, planning, tender and site management in close contact with the client
  • offer a fully integrated service that can be customized according to the project
  • advise on home management and after care services
  • the whole services pack is priced to match the normal fee of an Architect you would hire in the region