About Us

Local and global brought together

Valari is a network of consultants and skilled workers. It holds together UK based architects and design professionals that you can always meet and refer to, as well as Italy-based ones who select available properties and hold close connections with the territory. This way we aim to always being able to provide advice in the right location, to help solve your problem and make your dreams a reality.

Federica Russo

Co-Founder, London

Federica works as an Architect for Haworth Tompkins in London; previously she has worked in the London for Allies and Morrison, in the Netherlands for VYA and in Rome for Massimiliano Fuksas. She is also Director at Relational Architecture Ltd. 
She is a licensed Architect both in the UK and in Italy, and writes for a number of magazines such as PresS/T Letter, Artribune, Compasses, Livingroome and was involved in a special edition for L’Arca and A10. She was finalist NIB and published for Silk Road Map International Competition as well as for Everyville International Competition exhibited in Venice Biennale 2008.

Nicolò Lewanski

Co-Founder, London

A practicing Architect, Nicolò’s past experience includes Italy, the Netherlands and New York. After working in London for Levitt Bernstein, he currently set up Relational Architecture Ltd. He holds a Master in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, and has completed residential and educational projects in the UK; also he has worked independently and delivered residential projects for private clients in London and New York. Nicolò has obtained important placements in International Design Competitions and recently was part of the design team who won the prestigious MoMa PS1 YAP 2015 competition.

Antonio Visceglia

Co-Founder, Rome

Antonio is an Italian licensed Architect who has been working in London for Walker Bushe Architects. He is currently collaborating with them from Rome where he recently started his own practice. He is specialized in timber technology and sustainable buildings having been involved in such fields within the framework of a research project based in the Universidade do Minho, Portugal. Antonio is also an architectural photographer and film-maker taking care of the image of major international companies such as Salini-Impregilo, Fendi, Archiplan and many others.

Domenico Sasso

Chief Architect, Apulia

Domenico is an Architect with over 25 years of experience based in Ostuni, where he regularly carries out work both for new built private houses, Trullis and Masserias as well as for the public sector, mainly involved in restoration of churches and castles in the area. He has a degree from the University of Pescara and a specialization in Sustainable Architecture. His work has been featured nationwide in architecture magazines and his office participated successfully in competitions in Ostuni and around the Apulia region. Domenico’s invaluable experience in the area and local knowledge are a true asset to be able to operate successfully in the area.

Simona works as a landscape architect at Bureau B+B. Previously she has worked at H+N+S Landscape architects and Karres en Brands in the Netherlands. She has a master’s degree in both architecture and landscape architecture. She finished her studies at the Academy van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam. Before she studied in Barcelona, Rome and Lisbon. She enjoys finding the genius loci in each project and giving a new meaning in her design.

Simona Serafino

Landscape, Amsterdam

Eugenio is an Italian architect based in Paris. He completed a fellowship program at University of Sydney, and he graduated from the University of Ferrara architecture school. He started his architectural career in Paris, working for internationally renowned firms such as Saguez and Partners and Valode et Pistre. Fascinated by the codes of interior architecture, he joined Maison Liaigre, working on luxury interiors on private residences. He is currently working as architect and project manager for Dior Couture, designing boutiques in Europe, Asia and USA.

Eugenio Rebuzzi

Architect, Paris

Francesca is an Italian chartered Architect based in Turin and Milan. She graduated from Politecnico of Turin complementing her curricula at Beijing Tsinghua University. She started her career working for leading Italian architecture practices such as UdA and +Studio, on European and Middle Eastern high-end residential projects. In 2014 she moved to London and joined Sybarite Architects, then James Wells Architects to further expand her breadth of design capabilities. Since 2016, she runs her own practice in Italy (FDarchitect) with freelance project/site manager collaborations on prime real estate refurbishments and hospitality. She is fascinated by site specific architecture and interior design as a mean of well-being.

Francesca Diano

Architect, Turin

Biagio’s expertise is recognized in the territory and has been built over more than 30 years of practicing in the Office he founded “Studio Tecnico Geometra Biagio Russo”. He works as a quantity surveyor, project manager, site manager and estate consultant for private and public clients within the area of Lecce, Apulia. He regularly works as a consultant in Lizzanello, Lecce, for the urban planning department and as a Technical Consultant for Court of Lecce, Department of Law.

Biagio Russo

Surveyor, South Apulia

Antonietta works as a project developer in Italy and Europe, particularly on local development projects (innovation for rural/local development, sustainable urban and coast projects). She helps public and private entities (municipalities, associations, research centres, enterprises) in order to create significant local networks; she provides consultancy in the domain of public engagement for tourism, rural and urban projects. She holds a Master in Business Administration, and works independently.

Antonietta Cacciani

Project Developer

Gratuated in Law in Rome at LUMSA University Andrea is a Lawyer since 2012, registered at the local Lawyers Registry in Lecce. Andrea has obtained the postgraduate diploma SSPL with a thesis in punitive damages and more recently a specialization in company law. He is Founding Partner at Presicce & Partners where he mainly deals with consulting for companies in commercial matters, plus he follows private clients in the domain of criminal and civil law. He offers online consultation at his website Iure Solutio, through which he was able to develop a network of Lawyers to fully cover the Italian territory.

Andrea Presicce

Legal Consultant

Eleonora is a Lawyer, graduated with a Master in Law at Salento University with Honors. She has been registered since 2011 at the local Lawyers Registry in Lecce, and has obtained with top marks the postgraduate diploma SSPL concerning specialized legal expertise; Eleonora is and has been Teaching Assistant at the Salento University since 2010. Currently she works as an Associate Lawyer in both fields of criminal and civil law, and she works as a consultant for public clients such as local administrative offices.

Eleonora Barone

Legal Consultant



GDO is an important contractor in the Brindisi Province and Ostuni and Carovigno Areas in particular, having completed construction sites in excess of 6M Euros in the past, and just finishing an important contract for the redevelopment of Hotel Monte Sarago, which led the first big sized crane to be employed in the whole city of Ostuni in a construction site in twenty years. GDO is a serious partner that can cover all of the structural and finishes type of work, including steelwork, on-site concrete, timber, resin finishes, brick and masonry, traditional stone, dry stone walls, and with access to a vast network of subcontractors in the region.

Logica Immobiliare

Real Estate Agency

Logica Immobiliare has been operating in Real Estate since 1997 and has managed to play an important role in Tuscany and Umbria, thanks to an excellence in services, marketing and consultancies. Its level of initiative, reliability and professionalism together with a great attention towards the human aspects of the profession has allowed for a good development of the Agency in terms of employees, as well as scale, which now covers Apulia as well and in particular the Southern end of it. Logica Immobiliare is an excellent partner in the Estate Agencies world, with a dynamic team of professionals in house and a clients-first approach. Its main specialty is the sales and acquisition of farmhouses, apartments in historical towns, agritourisms, masserias and luxury villas.


Language & Culture

Helpculture Ltd started offering consultancy in the educational segment several years ago. In the last few years the company, UK based with office also in Milano, Italy, started working in different areas like: health, food, design, sports, leisure, etc.. supporting start-up and entrepreneurial ideas to overlook into the English market. Today the target is also focused to facilitate the decision process to move residence to Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Helpculture is now able to provide a full comprehensive consultancy service bridging countries and cultures. Helpculture is taking advantage of Carlo Di Lucia, European Registred Lawyer and Italian Avvocato answering to various questions on free circulation of services, real estate, tax and others from both the English and Italian legal point of view.