Casa dei Mandorli

Main Architects and clients Levitt Bernstein collaborated with Local Architect Domenico Sasso on this high-spec three bedroom house, which benefitted from a 20% extension, a new swimming pool and a radical internal refurbishment to suit the owner’s needs.

Villa Teodoro

Built on a leftover plot in a 1960s development this villa, currently undergoing construction, is characterized by the simple geometries that define the facades as well as the porticoes. The natural plasters, typical to the region, complement the low dry stone walls and window sill stone details contrasting against the bright colours of the interior.

Tenuta Madia

Tenuta Madia has been restored by Arch. Domenico Sasso. It boasts fantastic views of the countryside and olive groves near Cisternino. While the renovation allowed for the property to be divided into five self-contained residences, they all benefit from the communal facilities such as the gazebos and the beautiful swimming pool at the heart of the resort.

EX - Macello

Built as a warehouse at the beginning of the 20th century, the large property has been fully refurbished, refocusing the building on its original typology. Materials in keeping with the tradition have been used wherever possible, and new materials have been featured where needed, such as the stone and concrete rough terrazzo-like external flooring.

Casa Franco

The Trullo has been restored to its original features both in terms of finishing materials, geometry of the vaults and structural components by Local Architect Domenico Sasso. The property after renovation is particularly interesting due to its secret location between the hills and forest and along medieval narrow roads of the Valle d’Itria.

Seaside House

In this semi-detached type private house at the seaside the challenge has been how to renovate the property in a very cost-efficient way, allowing the owner to enjoy the pleasure of a 5 minutes walk to the beach house without compromising on quality and keeping costs low. The goals have been met both in terms of interior design and outside garden landscaping.